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Taking part in iTango project is really simple and can be done in many ways. The easiest way to take part in the project is to actally use our website and point out any possible anomaly or suggest improvements.

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Take part in this project

The easiest way you can contribute to this project is to actually use our software. Entering events, sharing them on various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is a great way of supporting us. Just the fact of promoting an iTango event will allow new users to take part in the project improvement. Writing your comments in the event page using the integrated forum will make iTango community even more lively. You will discover all iTango features by reading the following page: iTango Tour. iTango Tour.

Translate the project

The project allows to enter tango events from all over the world in various languages. This project is being translated in the most common languages using website. While developing the iTango application, programmers will enter the words and sentences to be translated into, from the English language. By clicking on the following link: you will access the page of  iTango translations available on and you can start translating the project into your native language. When 100% of our entries have been translated, our programmers will publish the translation file on From that moment on, our project will be available in the new language translated by you.

Point out a problem

Every software needs to be continually perfected by programmers. There may be an oversight or an error which block the software during a specific operation. By pointing out a problem found in the project you allow other people to use the software more easily. Sending a notice to our technicians is very easy! You can send a simple message by the contact form available on our website or by the forum below. Please describe what you have done, step by step, up to the error. Please be clear in your description, and our programmers will be able to solve the problem in the blink of an eye.

Suggest improvements

How many times have you wished for an additional feature to do a useful thing? We will be delighted to consider any suggestion. If you burst with ideas is even better! Send us your suggestions by our contact form or using the forum below, explaining what you would like to improve or add to project, and our team will rack their brains to grant your wish!