what about iTango ?

iTango is an events repository where you can find out your tango events close to you. It is a free web project that helps you to publish your Google Calendar events or Facebook events in a minute by a simple auto sync.

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iTango is a simple search tool for tango events. The tango dancers can get the next events by their mobile. When the iTango website is loaded, the GPS software pinpoints the dancer and it starts the searching all the events close to the dancer.

iTango offers many way to promote your tango events. All the tango schools, tango event organizators, can sync their facebook events and google calendar events in a minute. It is free and you have not pay, and your events will be accessible to all the internet users. 

The sync between facebok and iTango is automatic after the first confirmation. iTango will grab in few minutes your new events saved on facebook and it will promote your event for free. You must not change your standard way to promote your events, this is an additional way to do it!

You must not be a facebook user or a Google user to read the events. It's really simple to use. Furthermore it is integrated with the most social tools used by the users like Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and more.