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About iTango  Upcoming Events
Welcome to iTango!
It's Nice To Meet You
About iTango  Upcoming Events

About iTango

iTango helps the tango community to share their events' agenda by Facebook and Google Calendar, and event tickets can be paid online!

  • The iTango Profile

    Register your tango school

    Start creating your own school profile and then complete it with a little introduction and attach your media files. Read more

  • Social Networks

    Facebook, Instagram & Spotify

    Connect all your social networks such as Instagram, Spotify and Facebook in one page in a few seconds! Read more

  • Connect your Facebook Pages

    to your iTango profile

    Facebook is one of the most important social networks, it helps you to share your events. Create your Facebook Page and start to publish new tango events. Then you have to set your facebook page on your iTango profile. iTango will read your Facebook events, sync them automatically and publish them on iTango website. Read more

  • Connect your Google Calendar

    to your iTango profile

    Google Calendar helps you handle your calendar and events. With google, to share the calendars, they need to be set as "public". You can set in your iTango profile one of your public google calendars and iTango will automatically sync all the events registered. Read more

  • Sync your events

    by Facebook and/or Google Calendar

    When you will create your new Tango events in your public Google Calendar or in your Facebook events, iTango will sync them for you. Read more

  • Pay the Tickets

    by PayPal

    Increase your Tango guests and your visibility on the web. With iTango you can also request a ticket payment in seconds! Read more

Events close to you

Open your GPS connection and we will show you all events close to you.

  Open your GPS connection in your device and click on the "Find near me" button.